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Four Steps to Sell Your Salisbury MD Area Home Fast This Fall

The leaves are changing colors here on the Delmarva Peninsula. Schools are in session and the songbirds are winging south. Salisbury MD real estateFootball season is in full swing and talk of the World Series is becoming more common. The beaches are nearly empty and one can see their breath on the crisp, cool mornings we’ve experienced recently.

It’s a great time to……sell your home??? Yes, IF you have a plan. Here are four tips Salisbury Maryland area home sellers can use to sell their home this fall in shortest time and for the most money.

1) Choose Your Salisbury MD Area Agent Wisely

This is not the time to call your best friend or your brother in law who just happens to be a real estate licensee! Selling a home is too big a decision and too much money is at stake to worry about offending people. You can gently explain to your best friend or brother in law after your home is listed that it was strictly a business decision.

Here are qualities to look for in your agent as a home seller in the Salisbury MD real estate market-

  • They are experts at marketing homes and have a written plan such as the Esham Real Estate Seller Marketing Plan. From taking high quality photos, to listing videos to social media, the best listing agents will put your home in the best light and put it in front of the most buyers, while making it stand out against the competition.
  • They will be honest and trustworthy. Ask friends who have sold homes recently how their agent performed. Check online ratings and reviews. A top notch listing agent will have lengthy track record in the business and takes their job very seriously. It’s obvious by now who I would recommend to list your home in the Salisbury MD area. If you’re looking to sell a home outside of the Lower Eastern Shore,  contact us for a recommendation.

2) Make Your Salisbury MD Area Home Ready to Sell

A clean, clutter free home will show well. Your yard may require more attention with leaves falling but buyers will take notice of a home with good curb appeal. Your agent will also make suggestions on how you can help yourself by preparing your home for market. Listen to them! Cost effective improvements can be fresh paint, sparkling clean windows and replacement of any burned out light bulbs.

3) Make Your Salisbury MD Area Home Easy to Show

Sure, a clean, well kept home with good curb appeal will put you ahead of the game but you need to let those buyers in! Requiring 24 hours notice (or more) for showings can put off buyers. This doesn’t mean you have to allow a showing at 9 a.m. on a Sunday morning when the request comes at 8 a.m. the same day. The key here is to be as accommodating as reasonably possible.

As daylight ends earlier each day, weekday evening appointments will become less common. No matter the season, weekends are when many buyers want to look at homes, so plan accordingly. Whatever you do, make sure you leave during showings! The “hovering” seller who wants to play tour guide is only hurting themselves. Prospective buyers want to move, look and speak freely during showings. Sellers who stalk buyers will creep them out every time.

4) Know Your Salisbury MD Area Home Buyer

Most everyone knows the bulk of homes sold in the Salisbury Maryland area are sold in the spring and summer as a result of increased buyer activity. What many may not realize is that is usually also when the most homes are available. That said, it’s important to understand that while there are fewer buyers this time of year, inventory normally drops accordingly. It can actually be advantageous to put your Salisbury MD home on the market after the so-called “selling season”!

In my experience, home buyers looking during the fall are serious and motivated. Most of the “tire kickers” and “lookee loos” have moved on after Labor Day. The buyers that remain typically want to close on and move into their new home while the weather is still good. They may also want to take advantage of current low mortgage rates or settle before year’s end for tax purposes. Preparation for upcoming holidays provides additional motivation for them to act now.

When that first offer comes in, make sure it includes a mortgage pre-approval from a reputable lender! The last thing you want is to have your home tied up under contract only to find out weeks later your buyer is unemployed and has a 500 credit score. That time wasted could mean qualified buyers have moved on to other homes. Cash buyers should provide a proof of funds statement from their financial institution just to be safe.

In conclusion, it’s tempting to wish would be Salisbury Maryland home sellers “good luck” this fall, but a quick, seamless and profitable transaction will only come as a result of planning and preparation. Luck will have nothing to do with it.


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